by Mr M. Date Added: Friday 01 February, 2008
(This review is for a special commission custom whip.)

I'm going to break my normal rule of spending some time with a new whip before I write a review, because I simply cannot contain my amazement.

This is far, far beyond anything I expected (and I expected a lot). Victor made this truly special. He might prefer that I keep to myself the details, but suffice to say this didn't simply exceed my high expectations. This didn't simply raise the bar. It is, in this reviewer's opinion, a new standard of excellence. It is extraordinary. The design, the craft, the aesthetic, the feel... Words fail me.

Phenomenal? Surely it's phenomenal. Jaw-dropping? Dazzling? Stunning? Even these words of high praise don't go far enough. Certainly all of those things, and so much more that I worry you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Without seeing it yourself and holding it in your hands, you couldn't be blamed for thinking I exaggerate. But this? This is a heart-attack whip. This is stratospheric.

People who have seen it have audibly gasped. Other people stare and can only say 'Wow.' One observer stated that it should be in a frame and displayed on the wall as a piece of art. I'm inclined to agree, and wonder if I'll still be sure to take it out and enjoy it once in a while if I place it in a display case where it deserves to be.

I am literally honored to own it, and I've never been honored to own anything. Mr. Tella has always exceeded expectations. But where is there to go from here? How can this be exceeded? It certainly beats the hell out of me. I give up. I'm not even trying to express how amazed and delighted I am. If you told me I could have Paul Revere's bridle but I'd have to give up this whip, I'd tell you to go to hell.
How's that. I'm not even kidding.

This is an achievement. This is world class. This is what it feels like to own something so exceptional that one wonders if one deserves it. I could not be happier if I'd just been handed the keys to a new Porsche.

Thank you, Victor, for this... *feat*. You always raise the bar. I'm sure you'll raise it even beyond this point, somehow. I just can't for the life of me imagine how.

Superior. Exquisite. Masterful. Beautiful. This is the statement of an artist. Finer by far than anything I could have expected. I want this to be a family heirloom. Thank you, truly. This is the best.

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