Mini Bullwhip
Mini Bullwhip
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I am sure I am not the first person in the USA to ever make a Mini Bullwhip, I am the first US whip maker to offer them for sale. As far as I know, this is the USA Original design of this style of bullwhip. There was only one other person that made these before me and he lives in another country. I was introduced to this style of bullwhip by some very good whip folks in Florida. The style of play I watched them do with these lil beauties was awe inspiring, so I began to make them. Now I see them everywhere, just another testimonial to the popularity of this design. One of the best things I’ve seen these bullwhips used for, is doing volleys in a scene. I know it sounds a bit off the beaten path ... so to speak ... but it is very cool to do and creates an amazing sensation. Kind of like a machine gun. *EFG*

Have no fear about quality, I make the Mini-Bullwhips exactly the same way as the regular sized bullwhips. With the same care and attention given to the double plaited bellies. Just shorter for, "indoor" play. Believe me, I have spent plenty of time perfecting this style to the point that these guys in Florida would even buy one from me. I am happy to say my hard work paid off ... Now they rave about them.

NOTE: 3 foot Mini-Bullwhips have 6 inch steel core handles. While 4 foot Mini-Bullwhips have an 8 inch steel core handle

You can enjoy one of these beautiful, perfectly balanced bullwhips RISK FREE with my Money Back Guarantee.

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