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Imagine what it might be like to own a bullwhip that is so accurate and rolls out so straight that you can effortlessly do the most demanding target work. Wouldn’t you love throwing it? What if, in addition, that very same bullwhip was lively enough that you can perform any type of volley routine with ease. Wouldn’t you like to have one just like that? Think of how much fun you will have making it crack like thunder.

This meticulously hand crafted bullwhip will make sure of that. I’ve spent a long time perfecting the inner workings of my bullwhips. From the dense "Double Plaited Belly"  to it’s medium weight, 12 inch, steel core handle. The well thought out design of this bullwhip makes it a great choice for you to use for target or trick work. Or anything else you can think of.

When buying a bullwhip, you should know it is critical that the balance and taper of the belly is just right. Otherwise, a bullwhip will not fly straight, or transfer energy efficiently to the cracker.

Now you can enjoy one of these beautiful, perfectly balanced bullwhips RISK FREE with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Want to see how accurate a bullwhip made by Victor Tella is?
Watch this one. It's another GREAT sample.

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