* How to Break in a Whip.


How to Break in a new whip.

A well made whip with a tight braid will be rather stiff when new and will need to be gradually broken in. The best way to "break in" a whip is to use it. A great whip will have a lot of "life" in it. This means you won't have to work hard to get it to react, it will do what you want with very little effort. You can say a whip is truly "yours" when you have infused it with enough of your own energy to the point that it feels like an extension of your mind, body, and spirit. When you "break in" a whip you're not just trying to get it soft and pliable. You're also forming a relationship with the whip. One where you learn to move in harmony with the whip. You can reach out and turn on a light switch without having to consciously aim. Right? Good whip work is like that too. You just look at your target and the whip goes there. Resist the temptation to speed up the process by applying Neatsfoot Oil or Lexall to the thong, or by forcing it unduly. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people take a new whip and start cranking it back and forth in their hands to get it soft and pliable. I don't know who is telling them to do that, but it just ain't right. Such practices will stretch the leather too harshly, shortening the life of the whip. It also causes the laces to stretch unevenly. This is important because a braided whip is a dynamic thing. The laces in the whip will stretch to fit the way your body works. As you break it in the whip will adjust it's self dynamically to your muscles and the way you throw the whip, making it distinctively yours. This is how you form the relationship with the whip. It is also why; when you pick up a whip that has been broken in through use by somebody else, it will feel strange in your hands. In the case of shot loaded whips, forcing your whip into too tight a coil could rupture the shot sack. In short, the best way to "Break In" a new whip is to use it ...... Nuff Said



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