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I have been making whips now for over 25 Years.

So if you are looking for a Quality Whip at a Reasonable Price whether it's a Bullwhip, Signalwhip or Snakewhip you came to the right place!

Every Whip is Hand Made by Me and Me Alone.
Watch what one of my customers Zach thinks about them.

I Use Only the Highest Quality
Grade “A” Kangaroo hides available
in the construction of my whips.

Each lace is painstakingly hand cut and put through an exacting “ 3 step” process. They are then individually hand dyed to achieve just the right color and tone. This attention to detail produces functional works of art that will last a lifetime.

Check Don's YouTube Video Review.

Take a look at what Tex thinks about my whips.

12 Plait Custom Bullwhip
with a 24 plait handle

"This is an achievement. This is world class. This is what it feels like to own something so exceptional that one wonders if one deserves it. I could not be happier if I'd just been handed the keys to a new Porsche."

Read More of this review on my Bullwhips

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Giving Back to the Community

This is a one off custom made whip that I made as a donation especially for the Dallas Whip Enthusiasts Weekend VIII. It has a 16 plait thong and a 32 plait original design handle.

"Hello Victor

I received the whip that you donated Friday evening. The whip is beautiful, the workmanship on the handle is gorgeous. I have never seen any thing like it before. It handles beautifully. It will take awhile to break in the plating is very tight. It cracks with very little effort. The young lady that won the whip, Angel from Oklahoma, let me crack the whip before she took it home. The whip was way beyond anything I was expecting. Everyone wanted to win that whip.

I would like to thank you very much for your donation."

Thank You
Larry Robinson

"Victor! your bulwhips are beyond words. The ole cowboy I gave it to was speechless and that is about impossible for him.... he said the balance was perfect and the workmanship art. "

"Hello Victor: What a beautiful combination of function and art!!! Victor, the whip is terrific and well worth the wait. I am very, very impressed with your craftsmanship,
and I thank you for making such a fine piece of leather craft for me."
"Beautiful! I don't think I could ask for a better whip. Also, Victor was extremely helpful and friendly in answering my questions and helping me choose the product best for me. A great experience overall."
"What a beautiful work of art...
and way more fun than a girl should be allowed to have with a piece of leather. Victor's 'jordanian' is truly unique."

Why not let me hand craft a custom whip
just for you today.

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