by Marie Orman Date Added: Thursday 06 August, 2020
Dear Victor Thank you for the lovely 10 foot Bullwhip in yellow and green that I ordered, I like the longer ones because they have a different feel to them , the shorter ones are stingy and the longer ones a bit more thuddy.
As you will be aware since we made that film together that I have unique understanding to know the quality of singletails by the feel of the lash and in my opinion yours are the best which is why Buy only your handmade whips in preference to anyone else. People ask me as a sub and bullwhip recipient slave why do I buy singletails, well the answer is I only like the feel of the BEST whips to be landing on my body so I insist those that partner with buy only Victor Tella Whips and mine are as back up whilst the partners whips are being made.

By now a good many peoples know of slave aureus and the events in the 70's when we as in slave aureus and aureus was abducted into a Arabic Bullwhip training regime where upon we learned our part as a bullwhip recipient slave and how to endure in a freestanding position and remain in silence. Now living under the umbrella of the world BDSM Lifestyle it is important to have only the best singletail whips used upon us. I hope my training and experiences may give those new customers thinking about purchasing your whips the understanding that their is more to the look and and feel of whips from a Dominant or operator position. The feel of the quality by an experienced sub r slave that knows about the feel of different manufactures and they not be disappointed by owning a Victor Tella handmade singletail or whip equally I know Victor that you put a certain love and integrity into your work. Thank you Victor for being the best whipmaker in our lifetime.

marie also known as slave aureus

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