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This Snake whip with it’s fully plaited belly offers superb handling for all types of whip cracking. It’s so accurate and rolls out so straight that you can do the most demanding target work without worry. They are lively enough that you can perform most types of volley routines. 

What makes your snake whip so special? You may ask. Well I will tell you. It’s because they have a "fully plaited belly" and "bolster". A "Fully Plaited Belly" is very important to the construction of my whips.

Some whip makers make a snake whip with a shot bag and small bolster only. This produces a whip that becomes lifeless and inaccurate in a very short period of time. Making it useless for certain styles of indoor play.

My snake whip on the other hand has a shot bag covered by a fully plaited belly. Also my whips do not contain your typical lead shot used for guns, I use the finest grain lead that is manufactured today, it is equivalent to lead dust which results in a denser shot bag and a more free flowing whip. The lead I use is actually called "Free-Flow", now you understand why ... for use in whips ... it is far superior to all other types of lead shot on the market. This attention to detail produces a very lively, accurate snake whip with a long life perfect for indoor play.

People always ask me what is the difference between a Signalwhip, Single Tail, and a Snakewhip. The answer is that a Snakewhip has a fall, which is a piece of leather that extends from the end of the braided part of the whip. The fall is where you attach the cracker. Which brings me to the other difference between Snakewhips and Signalwhip, that is that a Snakewhip has a removable cracker. It is important to note that because a Snakewhip has a fall, they are about 18 inches longer from tip to tip than the listed length.

You can enjoy one of these beautiful, perfectly balanced whips RISK FREE with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Custom design your whip.

  • Choose from the braiding patterns below.
  • Choose the colors you would like.
  • Choose the length and plait number
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "add to cart" button.

When you are done, you will have created your own personal whip.

Pattern "A" is the default pattern, and will be used, unless you choose a different pattern.




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