* How to make crackers


How to make your own crackers for Bullwhips and Snakewhips

The cracker is the fuzzy thing that is tied onto the end of the bullwhips fall. It gets a lot of wear and will need to be changed from time to time. You see, the cracker; when tied onto the end of a bullwhip, travels at the speed of sound. That's about 750 miles per hour or 1400 feet per second! In fact, the crack we all love so much from our bullwhips, is the result of the popper breaking the sound barrier. It's a sonic boom. Albeit not quite as loud as that made by a super sonic jet, but a sonic boom nonetheless. There have even been scientific studies to confirm this little fact. I want to know who funded those studies and why they didn't call me. Just another case of your tax dollars at work.

If you are making bullwhip crackers from upholstery thread, do this first.

Bullwhip poppers are made with heavy nylon upholstery thread, typically size 69 or 92. (That's the thickness) You get a hook (teacup hooks or larger work) and screw it into a stationary object. Loop nylon thread through it and back around your fingers near the spool. Make about 7 or 8 complete circular loops - loop length should be twice or more what the finished popper will be. Cut (this stuff is too strong to break) the thread and tie the 2 loose ends together.

If you are making a bullwhip cracker from nylon string, start here.

Hold one end with your fingers of one hand, then twist the thread or string until it becomes quite tight. You'll know it's tight enough when it starts to kink. At this point, fold the piece of string or the tied off upholstery thread in half, it will twist up on itself and form a tight loop at one end. Now, tie an overhand knot about 3 inches from the loop. (longer or a shorter depending on the length you want to popper to be) Cut after this knot about an inch and a half or so out, to make the fringe.



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