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Just imagine ... the hours of dark pleasure, and the hot nights of painful passion this beautiful cat o nine tails will bring you. Hand crafted from fine grain, premium quality Kangaroo hide this is the most sensual toy I make. The Wildcat’s versatility is unmatched; you can use it like a single tail whip, cat o nine tails, flogger, percussion toy. Wield it hard or feather soft. In fact, this is one cat o nine tails you’ll definitely want to wrap with. I am the original maker of this toy in the United States.

This cat o nine tails is so unique, it has been featured in "Skin Two" Magazine.

" If they told me I could only bring one toy to a play party, this would be the one."

For Only $275

Like all of my whips, this one is hand crafted out of the finest premium grade "A" Kangaroo skin available. It is shot loaded and is 41" from tip to tip.

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Custom design your whip.

  • Choose from the braiding patterns below.
  • Choose the colors you would like.
  • Choose the length and plait number
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "add to cart" button.

When you are done, you will have created your own personal whip.

Pattern "A" is the default pattern, and will be used, unless you choose a different pattern.

Also if you choose pattern "B", the tails will be all the same color as the base color.





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